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We’re a not-for-profit cooperative supporting workplace providers to thrive.

Our expertise is in business consultancy, exclusive trade arrangements, sustainability programmes and tailored sales and marketing solutions.

We’re motivated by the success of our community.

Your Office Friendly journey…

We understand your business

We identify areas to develop

We produce a business plan

Our team take action

YOU reap the rewards

You'll have access to...



Supply Chain




Learning &





& Mergers

If you’re an entrepreneurial-minded business owner looking to grow sales, profit and supercharge your brand - we’d love to talk with you.

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Top reasons to partner with Office Friendly…

You can join a community of like-minded, independent members with a collective turnover of over £500m

You’ll benefit from a bespoke approach, helping to define your business objectives and set meaningful delivery timescales

You’ll have a gateway to a diversified product and service portfolio to boost business growth and maximise profitability

Heatons Group

"One of the benefits of the Weaver programme is that we're a lot more appealing to customers and prospects, and we're also able to do our part for the environment."

United UK

"With Pioneer, it's not just about the teaching of skills - the team truly want to support us and following the training from the team, the aftercare has been outstanding."

North Central Office

"Why would you bring in someone with a select set of skills when you can tap into the skills of the Kascaid team of marketing experts? Working with Kascaid has paid dividends for our business."