About Us

Our story is one of creating a community…

Office Friendly began when independent business supply resellers teamed up to achieve exclusive trading arrangements. We soon realised that the more you put in, the more you get out.

Our journey…




Established as a not-for-profit cooperative


Launched Kascaid Bespoke Marketing Services

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Launched an industry first, Pioneer Learning & Development Service

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Launched the Weaver Social Sustainability Programme

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Our mission…

Today, we champion collaboration between workplace providers and the business supplies community and help facilitate growth with industry-leading solutions.

What makes us tick?


We’re driven by the prospect of levelling up your business and manifesting a prosperous future together. With our wide range of services, we’ll always find a way to enable growth within your organisation.


In the Office Friendly community, we’re focused on bringing like-minded people and businesses together. We’re fortunate to work with the most dynamic dealers and suppliers in the country, and we’re an extension of their team. As a not-for-profit cooperative organisation, we continually reinvest for the benefit of our community’s growth and development.


Utilising our scale and strength of our membership we negotiate some of the very best and unique deals to help support the core areas of your business and diversify your offering to customers. Joining our community is an opportunity to expand your proposition giving you more opportunities to grow with existing customers and open doors with prospective clients.


We’re a not-for-profit business supplies cooperative. Our goal is to add value to your business. Every penny we make is used to secure your future growth.

To us, cooperation means thriving together while encouraging entrepreneurism. It’s sharing best practices through business consultancy, training, resources and events. It’s developing tailored sales tools and marketing services we all benefit from. And it’s being true to our commitment to drive improvements in sustainability, creating meaningful partnerships and innovating bold solutions as one.

We’re here because having the right people at your side can take you anywhere.

As a community, we go further.

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