Grant Scheme Terms & Conditions

Project Overview

The Office Friendly Business Grant Scheme will look to provide an annual fund of money which Office Friendly shareholder members can apply for and use to invest for growth and development of their business (the Grant Scheme). Office Friendly will make funds of up to £100,000 available in year one of the Grant scheme which will be available to shareholder members to support initiatives to grow business for members of the Office Friendly community.

The Grant Scheme will help our members invest in new developments to accelerate business growth and consequently strengthen the Office Friendly community.


Terms and Conditions of Grant  

1             Definitions

1.1          ‘You’ and ‘your’ means the person (individual) or organisation that we have given a grant to and is bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2          ‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘Office Friendly’ means Office Friendly Dealer Association Limited, a limited company registered in England under company number IP29061R, whose registered address is The Hart Shaw Building, Sheffield Business Park, Europa Link, Sheffield. S9 1XU and includes our employees and those acting for us.

1.3          ‘Grant’ means the amount awarded to you under the Grant Scheme.

1.4          The ‘Grant Agreement’ includes and incorporates:

1.4.1      these standard terms and conditions;

1.4.2      the Offer Letter which sets out any additional conditions;

1.4.3      the Project Proposal;

and any other conditions we have agreed with you now or in the future.

1.5          The ‘Offer Letter’ means our offer to you in relation to the Grant which sets out our award to you.

1.6          The ‘Project’ means the project or activity that we have agreed to give you a grant for which may be set out in your application form or proposal along with any supporting documents such as cost quotations, estimates and any other documents that substantiate your application and how the grant will be utilised (‘the Project Proposal’).

2             Eligibility

2.1          Applicants must:

2.1.1      have been a shareholder member of Office Friendly for a minimum of twelve months at the time of application;

2.1.2      be up to date in relation to their payments to Office Friendly;

2.1.3      be prepared to be credit checked and must have a good credit rating;

2.1.4      where requested, share a copy of their latest set of filed accounts and up to date balance sheet to demonstrate their business is in a good financial position for growth.

3             The Application Process

3.1          Information submitted as part of the application process will be reviewed under the strictest confidentiality and be available to the review panel only as part of this process.

3.2          Applications may only be made by an owner of the shareholder business.

3.3          Applications must be made using the official Office Friendly Grant Fund application form and must include required financial documentation and quotations.

3.4          Additional information may be submitted by the applicant to support their application.

3.5          Applications can be made by shareholder members for Projects they wish to invest in. These could be initiatives such as training, marketing, equipment, systems or supporting ways to reach new markets.

3.6          The maximum amount that can be applied for under the Grant Scheme is £5,000.

3.7          As part of the application and your Project Proposal, you will be required to at least match fund the Grant awarded by us under the Grant Scheme.

3.8          By way of example only:

3.8.1      Scenario 1) A shareholder member wants to create a new website and the quoted cost for the design and development is £10,000. If approved, we would award a Grant of £5,000 to the cost and the member must contribute £5,000 to the cost.

3.8.2      Scenario 2) A shareholder member wants to purchase space planning software to develop their interiors business. The cost of this software is £3,000. If approved, Office Friendly would award a Grant of £1,500 to the cost under the Grant Scheme and the member must contribute £1,500 to the cost.

3.8.3      Scenario 3) A shareholder member wants to increase their fleet and their sustainability, introducing zero-emission deliveries investing in an electric van. The van costs £50,000, meaning Office Friendly would contribute £5,000 and they only therefore contribute £45,000 to the overall cost.

3.9          Applications will require detailed information to be set out and linked to their organisation along with an associated business plan or other evidence for which the Grant is being sought.

3.10       Within the business plan, the shareholder member will be required to demonstrate in detail how the Grant will not only benefit their business but also the Office Friendly community.

3.11       A copy of the quotation or other cost evidence for goods/work/services proposed under the Project Plan will need to be submitted with the application. Applications will be rejected where evidence of costs cannot be provided, or costs substantiated.

3.12       Where Office Friendly have internal expertise to provide the specific service required for the member growth initiative, Office Friendly should be the appointed service provider. Rates for the service will be charged at standard member rates and a full quotation and schedule of works will be provided. The shareholder member will be required to pay at least 50% of the cost of the service, the remainder will be paid by the Office Friendly Grant Fund (up to a maximum of £5,000).

3.13       To remain independent and so that all applications are objectively reviewed when received, neither Office Friendly nor any of its employees can be involved in providing advice in relation to any application or creating any business plan in support of such application. This does not prevent a shareholder member from seeking clarity but Office Friendly and its employees will not provide advice in completing any application.

3.14       Applications need to be made in the specific format defined by Office Friendly with additional supporting documentation requiring submission.

4             The Panel and its Decision

4.1          Applications will be reviewed twice yearly (December and June) by a panel of three consisting of:

4.1.1      1 x Office Friendly Board Director;

4.1.2      Office Friendly Managing Director; and

4.1.3      Office Friendly Sales Director

4.2          The application will be evaluated by the panel against a strict set of criteria to ensure fairness, objectivity, and equal evaluation. Extra information/questions may be requested/asked by the panel to validate information submitted in the application.

4.3          The panel has absolute discretion and may:

4.3.1      refuse the application, Project Proposal, and award nothing;

4.3.2      accept the application, Project Proposal but award less than applied for;

4.3.3      accept the application and Project Proposal in full;

4.3.4      in all cases may impose any conditions in relation to the Grant it feels reasonable in the Offer Letter.

4.4          The panel’s decision is final and is not open to challenge or appeal. The panel may provide feedback, but this shall be entirely at the discretion of the panel and the panel shall be under no obligation to do so.

4.5          If the panel have received more applications than is available under the Grant Scheme, the panel may apply any other criteria it deems fit, provided that all applications are subjected equally to such criteria.

4.6          The panel will endeavour to inform applicants of the outcome of the application within 30 days of the panel meeting.

4.7          The panel are under no obligation to make any Grants if they do not feel that applications meet the required standards.

4.8          Whilst it is the panel’s and Office Friendly’s intention to utilise all monies available under the Grant Scheme for such grant period, nothing in these terms and conditions shall obligate the panel or Office Friendly to make any award of Grants in any period, in any year or whatsoever.

4.9          The Grant Scheme will be regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure that it continues to achieve the outcomes and principles which it was established for.

5             Late, Successful and Unsuccessful Applications

5.1          Applications submitted beyond the deadline date will be considered for review at the next panel evaluation date.

5.2          A shareholder member with an unsuccessful application may re-apply during the next six-month grant period.

5.3          Any successful applicant cannot submit a further application under the Grant Scheme for a Grant until 18 months after their original Grant payment.

6             The Grant

6.1          The amount of the Grant will be set in the Offer Letter. We are not able to increase the amount of the Grant. The amount of the Grant may be different to the amount that you applied for.

6.2          The panel may impose such conditions that it deems fit, and those conditions shall be set out in the Offer Letter.

6.3          The Offer Letter will be valid for 12 months after which point it shall lapse.

6.4          Grant monies will be paid on production of an invoice for the goods or services set out in the Project Proposal. If the service is being provided by Office Friendly, then the invoice will be generated for the full-service cost with the member paying at least 50% of that invoice. Monies can only be claimed up to twelve months from the panel decision date.

6.5          You must accept the Offer Letter within two weeks of receiving it. If you do not accept your Grant within two weeks, the Offer Letter will lapse, and the Grant being offered to you may be reallocated and offered to any reserve applications.

6.6          The Offer Letter must be accepted by the shareholder member/director of the shareholder member.

6.7          The Grant Agreement will come into force on the date that you accept the Offer Letter and will be deemed the date of your Grant Agreement.

7             Usage of the Grant and Repayment

7.1          You must use the Grant exclusively for the Project set out in your application and Project Plan.

7.2          You must tell us promptly about any changes to information you have given us in the application or Project Proposal.

7.3          Should the panel deem that the change is material such that it makes the application or Project Proposal sufficiently different to the original application or Project Proposal then the panel at its sole and absolute discretion may:

7.3.1      not pay the Grant (if not yet paid) and revoke the Offer Letter; or

7.3.2      require the immediate repayment of the Grant in part or in full.

7.4          The panel’s decision is final as to whether a change is material enough to require repayment.

7.5          Grant recipients must remain a shareholder member of Office Friendly for at least 24 months after the date of payment of the Grant.

7.6          Grants will need to be repaid in full or in part if:

7.6.1      the application or Project Proposal changes materially as determined by the panel; or

7.6.2      any successful applicant leaves Office Friendly within 24 months of the payment of the Grant;

7.6.3      it is discovered that you have used the Grant for any other purposes not set out in the application or Project Proposal without informing Office Friendly; or

7.6.4      you are unable to prove that you have used the Grant for the purposes originally awarded or refuse to provide information requested to validate the usage of the Grant; or

7.6.5      you use more of the Grant than it match funds or doesn’t pay for the goods/services equally – for example, the applicant is awarded £3,000 and uses 100% of the Grant but then the applicant only pays £1,500 of their required match funds; or

7.6.6      you do not comply with any conditions set out in the Offer Letter; or

7.6.7      you breach the Grant Agreement or any part of the Grant Agreement; or

7.6.8      you have supplied us with any information that is wrong or misleading, either by mistake or because you were trying to mislead us; or

7.6.9      you are declared bankrupt or become insolvent, any order is made, or resolution is passed, for you to go into administration, be wound up or dissolved; an administrator or other receiver, manager, liquidator, trustee or similar officer is appointed over all or a considerable amount of your assets; or you enter into or propose any arrangement with the people you owe money to prior to payment of the Grant; or

7.6.10    you sell the equipment or asset purchased using the Grant funds within 24 months of the payment of the Grant; or

7.6.11    you sell your business to a non-Office Friendly member within 24 months.

7.7          You must always hold any unused part of the Grant on trust for us.

7.8          If you spend less than the whole Grant on the Project, you must return the unspent amount to us promptly.

7.9          If the Grant part funds the Project, you must return the appropriate share of the unspent amount to us.

8             Information, marketing, and publicity

8.1          To support the Grant evaluation process for potential future years, successful applicants will be required to report on the impact of the Grant Scheme and the award of the Grant and how this  has been used to help Office Friendly and its Board of Directors define if the Grant Scheme has the desired impact on the growth and development of member businesses and whether the Grant Scheme should continue In future years.

8.2          Reporting and information requested will be initiative specific.

8.3          To support the growth of the Office Friendly community we may wish to use your business and story of your Grant funding in future case studies.

9             General Conditions

9.1          If you breach any term and/or condition of the Grant Agreement and we do not enforce one or more of our rights straight away, this does not mean that we will not do so in the future. We will give up our right or waive our right to enforce the Grant Agreement only if we tell you in writing.

9.2          Even though we may award you a Grant and talk to you about your Project, you are still fully responsible for every part of delivery of the Project.

9.3          You are responsible for getting your own management or business advice. This includes considering whether you need to get financial, accounting, tax, solvency, legal, insurance or other types of professional advice in relation to this application or your Project.

9.4          You will be responsible for all payments of tax and VAT in relation to the Project or Grant.


9.5          Office Friendly may withdraw the Grant Scheme at any time without liability to any party save that it shall pay those Grants to those that it has already agreed to provide Grants to.

9.6          Office Friendly and its board of directors will regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of the Grant Scheme to ensure that it is still achieving the aims and purposes for which it was established. If at any time or following such a review, Office Friendly shall be at absolute liberty to:

9.6.1      Withdraw the Grant Scheme; or

9.6.2      Change or modify these terms and conditions including but not limited to the eligibility or other criteria in relation to Grant Scheme.

9.7          The Grant Agreement and all parts constituting it including the Grant itself shall be governed by the laws of England and the courts of England shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any claim or dispute arising under the Grant Agreement.