Making a positive impact on the market as a product sourcing specialist, Flashy Cactus offer a truly unique procurement service. Where they’ve built an excellent track record of supporting resellers needing to source one-off products which can’t be found within their existing supply chain.

As a business, they work both diligently and harmoniously with some of the most reputable dealers in the industry. Skye Direct said: “We’ve been using Flashy Cactus for the last 12 months to source specials and reduce proforma invoicing. The service levels are second to none and they always update delivery dates and go above and beyond to help us.”

They’re able to help businesses in the industry by:

  • Finding the right product or solution while you get back to speaking to other customers.
  • Removing the risk of dealing with rouge traders offering poor service.
  • Offering a 30-day end-of-month credit account so you keep your cash for longer and only pay one single monthly statement.
  • Providing expert advice following over 15 years in the industry.
  • Making you more money because you’ll never have to turn down a request from your customer to source anything.

You can find out more about their first-class services on Pioneer, where we’ve created an online module dedicated to their organisation.