Rocada are renowned for their high-quality and reliable products, bringing fresh enthusiasm to the market. Most importantly, they’re equipped with the industry knowledge and tools to take on ambitious projects with their efficient team – available to all our members.

Covering all bases, their product range brings productivity and comfort in the modern-day workplace into focus. Their product range includes:

  • Visual Communication and Presentation
  • Office, Conference and Visitor Seating
  • Meeting, Breakout and Reception Furniture
  • Desking and Storage

And much more!

Additionally, respecting and protecting the environment is a priority in their production processes. The use of recycled products and the reasonable use of resources are top priorities at Rocada.

We’ve given you to tools to flourish when selling Rocada’s range:

Find out more about Rocada on their website. If you have questions about their product range, get in touch with your BDM at any time.