Standivarius fill a gap in the market for a company to provide genuinely portable ergonomic accessories allowing mobile workers to set up a healthy workstation wherever they needed to work, living up to their motto – bringing mobility for the hybrid office.

They’ve made a splash in the ergonomic accessory market as both designers and manufacturers, bringing high-quality and affordable products that work for everyone and accommodate every device. Their product range includes:

  • Laptop stands
  • Document holders
  • Input devices
  • Laptop kits
  • Other

Additionally, investing in Standivarius products brings an eco-friendly range into your stock. Their minimalist product design and low part numbers reduce waste in the production stage.

Their entire range is built with high-quality materials and production methods, ensuring a long product lifespan to reduce carbon footprint. And that’s not all, their packing is made of 100% recycled paper!

We’ve set you up perfectly to get started and sell Standivarius products:

Find out more about Standivarius on their website. If you have questions about their product range, get in touch with your BDM at any time.