Social Responsibility Policy

Office Friendly is a Business Development Specialist Dealer Group. We recognise the importance of operational and supply chain sustainability through our participation in the Weaver sustainability programme. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact, increasing the sustainability of our Business and that of our partners, and complying with all relevant social responsibility legislation.

At Office Friendly, we currently address social responsibility through promoting Staff Wellbeing, training, and development. We work closely with our friends at the South Yorkshire Community Foundation. SYCF support and build strong and resilient communities across the region. 

By raising money on our charity events such as Football tournaments, Maz’s Teas and Raffles along with our annual Conference, we can help support community groups with grant funding, helping people facing hardship and disadvantage and to help those working to improve the communities they live in. SYCF help connect Office Friendly with those who care about South Yorkshire and have the means to invest in its future, striving to build stronger and healthier communities.

 Karen Casey and the Senior Management team are responsible for ensuring that the social responsibility policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

Social responsibility is a key pillar of operational and supply chain sustainability. To meet our goals in social responsibility, we will:

  • Honour our Commitment to Raise £5000 each year for SYCF
  • Keeping in touch with local business through SY100
  • Make all employees aware of money raised and any volunteering opportunities
  • Keep All employees aware of their statutory rights, and ensure we provide regular training to keep all staff up to date.
  • Ensure we are always legally compliant with existing legislation and keep up to date for any future legislation on social responsibility
  • Continue to improve work-life balance and actively be engaged in their continued development using our one-to-one dedicated time with all employees.
  • Actively encourage staff initiatives with an open-door policy.
  • Reward our employees with time to volunteer in the community.

An action plan will be communicated across our community of shareholders and stakeholders through use of our Newsletters, Website and general communications. This social responsibility policy will be made available to all members of staff so they can see our commitments, initial actions, and the subsequent results. A full review of this policy will take place on an annual basis.

We provide regular training to our staff to ensure that they are kept informed and included in our social responsibility activity. New staff receive social responsibility training as part of their induction.

Signed: Jeanette Bresitz

Position: MD

Date: 18th December 2021

Date of Review: December 2023