Established in Leeds in 2008, Skye Direct started procuring daily stationery and office supplies for local customers. In the past ten years, they’ve expanded their range, delivery network and infrastructure – allowing them to offer their products and services nationally.
Their 25-strong team based in Leeds supplies everything from pens and pencils to personalised uniforms and GNFR – to a wide range of businesses, from household names in the retail sector to local government sectors.

In 2022, Skye Direct invested in their team, aiming to strengthen the skills of their sales team working in partnership with Office Friendly’s very own training provider – Pioneer. Sales Manager at Skye Direct, Ben Senior, said: “Sales is a profession that gives you the skills through experience, which can be tough for some individuals. At Skye Direct, there are there’s been a shortage of specialised training available to us over the years. So, we were excited to work with Pioneer and Office Friendly in our pursuit of a more confident and competent workforce.”

The problem

Skye Direct’s sales team accounts for two-thirds of their entire workforce, and with a team primarily experienced in making sales over the phone, they wanted to empower their team with the education and confidence they need to take their skills into face-to-face sales meetings.

Ben said: “We have a diverse sales team, varying in experience and skillset – who are all more than capable when performing their role over the phone. One of our key objectives in 2023 is to have a more personal touch with our customers, and making more face-to-face sales meetings are a big part of this.”

As one of Yorkshire’s most respected office supplies dealers, Skye Direct recognised the importance of strong and productive interactions with both their customers and prospects. Skye Direct took steps to upskill their sales team immediately to be more productive and have a sales team operating at the highest level. By improving the confidence of their staff, they were able to bring their confidence and sales skills from the phones to the board rooms.

The solution

Skye worked diligently with Office Friendly and Pioneer, filling skills gaps and building their reputation as an exceptional organisation that offers a personal touch. By Pioneer’s James Barras delivering training on face-to-face sales, hosting constructive meetings, time management and LinkedIn, they’re developing leaders and creating a team of specialists at the same time.

Vocational training offers UK organisations a cost-effective method to upskill their employees. It gives individuals and groups the chance to gain independence in the workplace by gaining the tools to flourish both now and in the future.

Their collaboration with Office Friendly and Pioneer has provided holistic support to Skye Direct’s sales team in its entirety. Ben, said: “Working with Office Friendly and Pioneer has enriched our sales staff with a newfound confidence and skillset to utilise in both face-to-face meetings and on the phones. We’ve enhanced our level of service and have improved efficiency with our time when chasing sales leads.”

The results

Despite the economic stress in the UK and busy schedules for their sales team, their investment in training is helping them to both improve performance and overall sales numbers. Ben said: “Our workforce has a very busy schedule, and we wanted to give them the tools to be able to cope with this schedule. Since signing 13 of our staff face-to-face sales, hosting constructive meetings, time management and LinkedIn, we’ve seen improvements in the number of sales being made and overall revenue. Additionally, we have a confident and fully competent workforce of leaders, capable of performing very well in face-to-face sales meetings.”

By focusing on the education of their staff, Skye Direct have noticed a wave of positivity throughout their business. Ben said: “Since investing in training our staff are more relaxed with the knowledge they have the tools to do their job more effectively. Staff feel supported, which has increased their confidence that they’re doing a good job and there are career paths for them.”


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